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Origins & How to Care for Tulips

Tulips are so well-known in the Netherlands that most people believe they originated there. However, they originated in Central Asia, where they thrived as wildflowers. 

It's no surprise that tulips are one of the world's most popular flowers. 

This attractive flower comes in a variety of colours and can be cultivated in vases and gardens, making it excellent for adorning surroundings, events, and ceremonies. 

They are commonly used in decoration, such as bouquets, vase arrangements, table decorations, and even to embellish the most affluent locations.

Tulips are not only beautiful and charming, but they are also symbolic.


 Coloured Tulips
Purple Tulip
Considered to be the most beautiful of the species. This is an excellent choice for a tulip bouquet. Purple tulips in vases enhance the sophistication and vibrancy of the decorations.

Yellow Tulip
With joyful and hopeful connotations they are a good choice for those looking for a cheerful decoration that sends out positive vibes and attracts prosperity.

Pink Tulip
Usually associated with affection, care, good wishes, and love; pink tulips are the greatest way to congratulate someone on a new job, promotion, or graduation.
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 neutral tulips
Neutral Tulip
Tulips in white symbolise forgiveness, respect, purity, and honour.
They are the perfect pick for apologising to someone or commemorating a religious milestone such as a baptism or bar mitzvah. According to folklore, dreaming of white tulips can indicate that you're ready to embark on a new adventure and make a fresh start in life.
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Taking care of your Tulips

Your Flower Fix Tulips are a great cut flower option for brightening the day of you and your loved ones. To properly care for them, follow these steps so you can enjoy their fantastic show for days on end:

  1. Remove all the pretty papers and let the flowers speak for themselves.
  2. Re-cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to a length suitable for the vase. This will ensure that the ends of the stems are fresh and open for water.
  3. Choose a vase that will cover at least half of the height of the tulips you brought home. They won't have to bend over to lean against the vase.
  4. Fill a vase of cool (not super cold), clean water half way up. You want the water level to meet the stems but not reach the foliage - make sure there's no greenery below the water line.
  5. Rather than stacking the tulips on top of one another, arrange them so that each one has a little space in the vase. Allowing them a little space will prevent them from crushing one another, resulting in early petal drop-page and a shorter bloom lifespan.
  6. Keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Lilies require sunlight to flourish, but once cut, they thrive in a cool, shady location away from direct sunlight.
  7. Replace the water. Replace the water in the vase every few days to keep the flowers looking fresher for longer. Tulips are notorious for consuming a lot of water. Make sure it doesn't run out completely, or they'll start to wilt rapidly.
  8. Tulips should not be styled with Narcissus blooms. Them in this family, such as daffodils, release a chemical that causes flowers to fade faster. Tulips look best when placed in a vase by themselves.

Flowers are a wonderful opportunity to express your feelings to others because each flower has its own unique meaning. Tulips have several associations, including deep love, rebirth, and compassion. They are the perfect choice for any occasion, whether in colour or neutral!

We have a variety of colourful and neutral tulip bouquets ranging from 5 to 20 stems for you to select from! 

Your Flower Fix makes it simple to have gorgeous, fresh flowers delivered in Melbourne on the same day or ahead of time.

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