12-07-2022 — Written by Zoe Brasher

How to Care for Australian Natives

 Australian Natives Bouquet


It’s no secret that one of Australia’s greatest treasures is how diverse our flora and faunas are.

They are vibrant yet understated, sturdy yet delicate - and a complete treat to receive for birthdays, anniversaries or simply as a ‘thank you’ gift.  

Here you will learn more about these plants, how to take care of them and why it's the perfect flower to send all year round. 

Why Gift Australian Natives? 

Did you know native blooms can last up to six weeks with no water? That's because they're built for the hot Australian climate. 

Natives also continue to look great when they dry, meaning you can keep a bouquet for months or even years!

Supports the local economy
Many cut flowers are shipped from other countries such as Kenya, Columbia and Ecuador. So, shopping for Australian Native Flowers helps to create demand for our local flowers and reinvigorate local growers.

Aesthetically unique
With their incredibly beautiful structure, these flowers are unlike any conventional floral gifts. The vibrancy of their colour, the delicacy of their texture and its rich fragrant scent, native flowers can easily create a lasting impression on just about anyone. 

From Banksia to Eucalyptus, Warths, and so much more, we know it can be a little difficult to choose just one type native flower to send, so we’ve made the process a lot easier for you! 

With our Australian Natives arrangement you can now enjoy a variety of the best seasonal Australian native flowers in a single bouquet. 

Taking Care of Your
Australian Natives 

Here’s some more good news, native flowers are also easy to look after! We’ve rounded up some tips to help you properly take care and enjoy them for days on end:

Choosing the right vase
If you have received a bunch like our Australian Natives Arrangement, you can simply unwrap the flowers, make sure the stems are clean, trim the tips and place in a vase. 

We recommend you choose a sturdy glass vase or a terracotta pot, as the stems of these flowers do tend to be quite large and woody. 

These flowers don't need any additives, clean and fresh tap water will do best! If your flowers were delivered in a vase or pot remember to check the water levels in the container and top it up daily especially if the weather is warm. 

We know you’re probably excited to make your native flowers as the centrepiece of your home, but it's also important to keep in mind that these blooms will generally last longer in a cool area. So it’s best to showcase your flowers in a room that is free from direct sun exposure or strong draughts. 

Native Australian flowers are in abundance right now, so make sure you don’t miss out on getting the trendiest flowers of the season! These flowers will surely make your next gift or decoration that bit more special. 

Lucky for you, our native flower arrangement is filled with stylish hand-selected blooms, arranged by our team of qualified florists. With our same day Melbourne delivery, we have made it easy for you to enjoy some beautiful, farm-fresh seasonal natives today.

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