10-05-2021 — Written by Zoe Brasher

Caring for Your Flower Fix

There is nothing better than beautiful fresh flowers in your home, but do you ever feel like they don't last as long as you’d hoped for?

Picture this scenario - we have just delivered your gorgeous blooms to your door in their beautiful wrapping and you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside because of it. We know. But how do you keep the warm and fuzzies for days to come? We hear you, and as highly trained florists we have the answers for you because believe it or not, just putting them in water isn’t enough to keep these beauties blooming for longer.

So take note, this is what we recommend you do to keep Your Flower Fix going;

  1. Remove all the pretty papers and let the flowers speak for themselves. (NOTE: all our wrapping can be recycled so be a champ and pop them in your green bin).
  2. Re-cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to a length suitable for the vase. This will ensure that the ends of the stems are fresh and open for water. The slanted cut also prevents the base of the stem sitting flush with the vase and struggling to drink. Nothing worse than a thirsty flower.  
  3. Fill a vase of cool (not super cold), clean water half way up. You want the water level to meet the stems but not reach the foliage. If some stems have leaves all the way through, trim them off so they don’t go rotten. We all know that smell and it is not cute. 
  4. Place your flowers in the vase and sit them in a well lit area. Direct sunlight or close proximity to air-conditioning can be harmful to your blooms, so it’s best to find a neutral spot away from these elements. 
  5. Just like us, flowers need daily hydration, so check the water level daily and replenish when needed. It is best to change the water completely every 1-2 days to prevent nasty bacteria growing.
  6. Stop and take a second to admire, to smell and to appreciate your blooms every once in a while. This does wonders for your mindset and we guarantee it will elevate your mood.

            And there you have it, our floral secrets to keeping your flowers fresher for longer. Share this blog post with your friends and loved ones, we want everyone to know our industry secrets!

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