02-02-2022 — Written by Zoe Brasher

Brogan's Way x YFF Collab



We’ve got some exciting news - Your Flower Fix has partnered with local Melbourne distillers Brogan and Simon from Brogan’s Way!

Brogan’s Way opened in 2018 when Brogan herself decided to leave her career in medical science to pursue her passion for spirits. Feeling dissatisfied working in a lab, Brogan went back to university to get a Masters of Science and Distilling so she could combine her research skills with her passion.

Her business partner - and dad - Simon is an engineer who left his job in the automotive industry to study at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, before joining forces to open the distillery inside an old automotive warehouse in Richmond.

“It was pretty clear early on that Brogan was much better at making gin than I was,” says Simon. “It’s why we called ourselves Brogan’s Way.”

Just like us, Brogan’s Way is a father-daughter duo whose focus in their work is providing only the finest to their customers, creating special experiences and supporting other local businesses.

We’ve collaborated with Brogan’s Way to bring you a selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone, which you can pre-order now!

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